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UAE: Kodak All Set to Support Digital-Offset Synergy


Summing up Kodak’s performance at Ipex, Gulf Commercial Group (GCG), Kodak’s UAE distributor, announced several promising leads and deals signed by visitors who according to the company came to the show thoroughly prepared and well-researched.
The real good news for Kodak and GCG at Ipex came in the form of orders for the NexPress range of digital presses—a NexPress SE3000 and NexPress M700 were sold to Asiatic Printing Press and a NexPress M700 was sold to Al Amal Printing Press. GCG also signed deals for the sale of Kodak Trendsetter 800 and 400 Ctp Platesetter machines to —Dar Al Andalus and Wisdom Printers.

With the latest advancements in digital presses making headlines during Ipex 2010, Kodak and GCG are now prepared more than ever to tackle the digital-offset divide and the lingering doubt about which technology will reign supreme in the future. First, to get things in perspective, we posed the question: Has digital caught up with offset as expected?

Hakam Abu Risheh, General Manager, GCG, explained, “There’s increasing demand for digital with consumers recognizing the future potential of digital technologies. Customers who are aware of where market trends are going will inevitably make the transition to digital technology and implement it at least in as small way. Global paper supply trends clearly indicate the while the overall consumption of paper has decreased over the past year, contributed by the fall in demand for offset paper, there has been significant growth in demand for digital paper, which is helping balance the global paper trade.”

“There have been challenges that have delayed a complete transition to digital. Firstly, the cost per print has been expected to rival that of offset; however, it will take a while to achieve competitive costs. Furthermore, there has been a misunderstanding that digital will one day replace offset. The reality that digital will complement offset and not replace it has been accepted and welcomed gradually,” Hakam added.

“We have observed the association of offset and digital technologies and the synergy between them. For example, some of our customers, mainly book printers, are employing digital printers for short print runs and saving up their resources and production capability of offset printers for long print runs”.

For Gulf Commercial Group, the Middle East holds great promise for the Kodak brand. Backed by an expanded services team and technical department, the company is finalizing plans to venture beyond UAE into other regional markets.


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